Thursday, January 21, 2010

"To Do" List: The Next Generation

Why the iPhone makes me a better person...

So this being my first post on any type of blog, forgive me if I don't follow the proper etiquette. (I'll be referencing Emily Post shortly.)

Like many of the people in my generation, I have an iPhone. And, I. could. not. live. without it. It stays with me constantly and is my go-to tool for anything from "what was the name of that guy in that movie?" to "what's for dinner?" or my keeping up with my favorite emails such as "dirty Dillard's (the clearance outlet) is having an additional 50% off sale".

Most importantly, I use it to keep up with my personal to-do list. No longer do I mess with little bits of paper or big notebooks. Instead I just type it in the notepad. Seems easy enough right?

Not so fast....for those of you that are like me "out of sight, out of mind"... simply typing in the list and having to reopen it each time doesn't work. So I use the awesome screen shot feature by holding down the home screen button and the top/sleep button at the same time, to take a photo of the notepad and then set it as my wallpaper.

So it's the first thing I see when I check my phone - which is usually every five minutes.

Here's what it looks like:

Obviously, I scaled it a bit to be bigger on the phone but if you have a lot on your to-do list you don't have to do this. And yes, I'm 25 years-old and already have graying hair to the point that I have to dye it. (thank you, Natural Insticts - Navajo Bronze)

This is also helpful for prayer requests, to keep them top of mind.

That's my tip, hope it helps!